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Sophie Turner nude celebrities Hey girl…Sansa Stark got sassy at the 2016 SAG Awards! Sophie Turner, 19, who plays the character on Game of Thrones, had a blast with Ryan Gosling, 35, at the event…only he probably had no idea. The British star …

Sophie Turner nude celebrities Game of Thrones will return in the spring and, following a particularly rough year 5, Sophie Turner is pleased to report that Sansa Stark will be back in a big way. In fact, the actress says her character will have her best …

Sophie Turner naked celebrities LOS ANGELES, Feb. 1 (UPI) –Sophie Turner snagged a selfie with Ryan Gosling in a photo the actor didn’t know was being taken. The pair attended the Screen Actors Guild Awards Saturday, and much to the Game of …

Sophie Turner naked celebrities Actress Sophie Turner says fans of "Game of Thrones" should be ready for "many shocks" in the upcoming sixth season of the much-loved fantasy series. READ ALSO: Jon Snow to return to ‘Game of Thrones Turner …